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Body image is the perception that we have of our own body; this is the image that we created in our mind about our body.
Normally this image is influenced by current standards set by our society of the body.
Our body image influences our self-esteem. So if you have a negative body image (because you think that your body does not agree with the ideal that you created), we ended up developing a low self-esteem and this will influence our lives in a negative way.
There are cases where that body dissatisfaction and consequent low self-esteem are so severe that the person starts to live according to their body image and can even develop an eating disorder.
Therefore, we must maintain a positive body image, because the others will like us for what we are (personality and attitudes) and not by our weight or body shape.
When I talk to keep fit, I do not mean that we should seek to have a perfect body, because perfection does not exist. If we have a healthy body we will prevent problems in the future. And that don´t make crazy diets that never bring good results, but make a balanced diet and exercise, i.e. a healthy lifestyle.
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