Body By Vi - 90 Day Challenge - Lose Weight and feel GREAT!

I have just recently started the 90-Day Body By Vi Challenge and I must say it feels great! It`s been a week since I had my first shake and I already love it. I am currently on the Shape Kit and I replace two meals a day. Although replacing two meals did sound a lot at first, I must admit that the shakes do make me full! Of course I have to have a few healthy snacks on the side to keep me going but over all it is great.

My favourite shake that I whip up all the time is the peanut butter and chocolate shake; I have to give credit to my friend who introduced me to that recipe! Just had a little bit of cocoa powder or chocolate milk and peanut butter, put it in your blender and voila! It really tastes like Reese`s Pieces!

I also had to look into the benefits of using this product before I actually got myself involved in the challenge. The difference between Body By Vi and the rest is that it is organic, has fewer calories, contains more protein and fiber than most, and lastly it cost less than the other competing brands! Here is a link that shows the comparisons:

I dont depend on the shakes alone to lose weight; I exercise as well. Although you can lose weight without working out (and many have); I advise you to at least go for hour long walks, or go for a few 30 minute jogs a week and stay active. I want people to slowly improve their lifestyles and find a realistic motive to being active.

Now, you must be wondering how I first got into using this product? Well, my best friend first introduced me a couple of weeks ago and brought me over to her sisters so she could explain to me how everything works. Of course, it wasnt enough to win me over so I did my own browsing and Ive honestly never seen so many people come out of this challenge with great results. Ive asked around at work if they knew about this product and one of my coworkers said, Yes, my friend did it, she lost about 200 pounds in one year! I was surprised! There are some amazing reviews and results on YouTube and the Internet but to know someone from your own city has achieved a great goal is wonderful to hear.

Not only do I take the shake but I also started promoting this product. Reason being: I wanted my family and friends to live a healthier lifestyle and help spread that around the world. Yes, you can get a BMW out of this, and yes the commission is great, but nothing is more rewarding than seeing your friends and family get in on this and are willing to make a change in their lifestyle. Not only does this help change their lifestyle, it also brings all of them closer together. I truly believe in this product and the changes it can make in ones lifestyle and confidence.

I have to admit I was skeptical about this product at first, thinking maybe this is just another pyramid scam. However, I did my research and it is completely legal. Hulk Hogan and all the other athletes who support and advertise this shake would not risk their careers for something that is illegal. I would also not get my family involved if I knew that this was just another scam that could potentially hurt my family.

I am very excited to see the results that this product has to give me, please join me on the challenge!

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