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5 years ago

Hi everyone! My skin has been suffering from the winter weather and I would like to share with you all my body butter/lotion "saviours." Since I live in Canada, the winter season tends to be longer, which means I use a lot of body butter/lotions.

I have been counting these this past winter:

-In the silver Lush tin is Each Peach (and Two`s a Pair) Massage Bar. Basically a Massage Bar is a solid lotion bar which is made of natural butters and oils. Since this is only made out of natural butters and oils, it is very oily and it melts at body temperature. I usually use this at night before I go to bed since it does take sometime to absorb and I find it too oily to use during the day. I also find it unsanitary to carry around and use during the day. It is very moisturizing due to the oils. The smell is very citrusy and fresh.

-The green container is Fruits & Passion Georgia Peach Body Butter. This is a very light and creamy body butter. It smells absolutely lovely and works very well. Since this smell clashes with my perfume of the day, I usually use this on days where I don`t want to wear a perfume aka I`m too lazy to remember to wear one. The scent lasts all day which is quite amazing for a body butter, so no perfume is necessary. Fruits & Passion also carries this scent in a perfume, so it`s great for layering. This is quite moisturizing, but not as much as Each a Peach. (I love the smell of peach: Each a Peach and Georgia Peach).

-The pink container is Victoria`s Secret Pure Seduction Body Butter. This is my favourite Victoria`s Secret scent! I usually use this when I am planning on wearing the Pure Seduction Body Mist so the scent is layered on nicely and locked in. I do not find this as moisturizing as Fruits & Passion, but it does work well.

-The beige container is The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. This body butter from The Body Shop is recommended for dry skin. Which is perfect since I have very dry skin in the winter! I use this everyday when I come back from school. I find this scent to be unisex/neutral since it`s not girly (sweet, flirty, fruity, etc). This has to be hands down the most moisturizing body butter from The Body Shop. I highly recommend this for those who have very dry skin. I don`t usually use this during the day since the scent clashes with my perfume. But sometimes I do use it during the day when I choose not to wear a perfume and the scent does last majority of the day.

-The black container is Lush Coco Lotion. I recently got this and so far I really like it. Mainly because it`s unscented and moisturizing. I have been looking for an unscented body butter for quite sometime but no such luck, since most of the drugstore ones are not as moisturizing. I have been using this everyday and must say it works wonderfully with my perfume. Since it`s unscented, my perfume doesn`t clash with the lotion and it also helps my perfume last longer.

I do have more body butters and lotions, but these are my "saviours" from the winter weather! If you haven`t noticed, I love my body butters/lotions to be fruity smelling even though it`s the winter. I highly recommend these for those who are suffering from the winter weather and also for those who are interested in trying out a new body butter/lotion.

Do you have any of these? What are your favourite body butters/lotions? (I`d love to give them a try!)
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