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5 years ago

Hello people! :)

If you follow my posts you are probably familiar with me talking about tattoos and how I like them, well I`m looking for a lot of meanings of some tattoos and I want to share the one I find really interestinh with you guys. Today I found the meaning of the Bluebird Tattoos.

I fell in love with Bluebird Tattoos when my friend from USA got one with the lines "wings were made to fly, not to hide a fragile spine" I just love the tattoo so much, and those words are from Alexander Deleon, a great guy with a big heart, so I decided to fo and research about the meaning of the Bluebird.

Here it is what I found: " A bluebird relates, firstly, to sailors. 5,000miles at sea would be represented with one bluebird, then 10,000 with another and so on.. When a bluebird was seen at sea, it would mean that you were close to land. Finally, sailors would believe that if your ship went down, a bluebird would fly over and carry your soul to heaven. Through the years a bluebird has come to relate to luck, and ultimately happiness. Hense, The Bluebird of Happiness. Sailors would tattoo them between the thumb and forefinger, they`d flap the birds wings by moving their thumbs, so all their worries would "fly away"

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I just love the meanig of it, it has to do with travel, something that I love to do and ii also has to do with hope, something that, in my opinion, every human being needs to have in order to go through life.

I love the idea of getting a Bluebird tattoo, maybe this is the one i will finally get?! We will see, until then I will continue looking for some more meanings :)

What do you guys think? Do you like the meaning of the Bluebird Tattoo? Would you get one?

let me know!


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