Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie

4 years ago

I don`t drink smoothies often, only once in a rare blue moon, mostly because they`re extremely fattening and chock full of sugar.

When I was in Shanghai, it was hard to buy ready to eat fruits and since I lived in a hotel, it was even harder to prepare fruit to eat. So I used to drink a smoothie everyday when I was there in order to get the necessary vitamins I needed from fruit.

This one was a fresh made smoothie from Pizza Hut. The good thing was, they used fresh blueberries rather than concentrate or puree. They also added yogurt to it in order to make it more thick and creamy rather than a lot of sugar. I asked them not to add any sugar in since the yogurt and blueberries were already sweet by themselves.

I enjoyed this smoothie quite a bit actually, it`s a lot different than the Jugo Juices we have in Canada. For one thing, it`s lighter, the entire smoothie was about 120 calories, whereas an equivalent of that in Canada would be 300 calories.

I have to say, it was watered down more so than the ones we find here, but that was fine with me since the smoothies I`ve tried in Canada are way too sweet, even when I ask them to use no sugar. Their fruits are usually packed in syrup before mixing, making the smoothie extremely sweet and addictive.

Though it was a blueberry yogurt smoothie, it went down very easy because it was so light.

I think I`ll buy a blender and make my own =)

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