Blue Moon Caramel Apple Spiced Ale

4 years ago

<strong>Hello lovely Luuuxers!</strong>

First, before I say anything else: <strong>I do not condone underage drinking! If you are underage, please do not attempt to try this drink! Blue Moon (and other companies) make seasonal beers every year, so they will be there when you are old enough! But, if you are old enough, keep reading...! :) </strong>

My boyfriend and I were wandering through the grocery store when we came across a variety pack of <strong>Blue Moon</strong> brews, and one of the flavors included was <strong>Caramel Apple Spiced Ale</strong>! We both looked at each other, looked back at the box, and bought it without any more hesitation! Blue Moon is one of my favorite kinds of beer, and this looked amazing!

And, I was right! We both opened up a bottle that evening and thoroughly enjoyed them! It still tasted like beer (not like hard cider, which I also enjoy), but you could taste the cinnamony spices and hint of apples! MMM! If you enjoy beer like I do, you will love this brew for Fall! Even if you don`t normally like beer, this one is so light and sweet that I think you would like it as well!

<strong>Would you try Caramel Apple Spiced Ale from Blue Moon (assuming you are old enough to drink)? Are you a beer lover or a beer hater?</strong>


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