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5 years ago

I was at the corner store today looking for something yummy to drink. I decided to lay off the diet drinks, and choose something less unhealthy, but without a lot of sugar in it. So, I settled on this coconut water! It`s a large can (520 mL) and is only about 115 calories. I purchased the kind with pulp in it; if you get the one without pulp, it`s only 90 calories. That`s not bad, considering a 355 mL can of pop is usually around 160 calories.

All that this drink contains is 100% pure coconut water (and pulp). That`s it! There are no preservatives or added sweeteners. The can also says that it`s a "natural isotonic" and contains "bio-active natural minerals, electrolytes, and potassium". Well, okay. I guess that makes me feel like it might have been a healthier choice than juice? But I don`t totally buy it, for some reason. :P

In any case, this drink was pretty tasty. It doesn`t taste quite like coconut tastes more mineral-y. It`s kind of hard to describe, but for some people it is an acquired taste. I know I didn`t like coconut water much when I first tried it, but now I do! The pulp in this drink was kinda mushy and flavourless, though, and I think I`ll just get the variety without it next time.

I can see this drink occasionally replacing one of the diet drinks that I have too much of! I am trying to cut down on artificial sweeteners, so I guess we`ll see how that goes. :)

<strong>Have you ever tried coconut water?</strong>

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