Blue eyeshadow: disaster or not?

4 years ago

Hey there everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful day.
So this is a subject that has been messing with my thought for ever and I fell like I have to talk about it and take it of my chest, if you know what I mean.
Blue eyeshadow. Well this is a topic that is highly talked about and discussed in the beauty and make up world. Some people think is cute, some hate, and some still think that is acceptable to put it all over the eye area and look like a colorful panda! Or even put blue eyeshadow on the eyelid and finish the "look" with the most crazy pink lipstick. When will people realize that this is not pretty? Like I know that you can see tons of models in magazines, runway and what so ever wearing blue eyeshadow all over but that doesn`t mean that you are supposed to wear it on "real life". But of course there are ways of making it work. There are tons of amazing tutorials on youtube, blogs,... that show you how to incorporate blue eyeshadow and make it look pretty and not like you have a dark eye. For example blue smokey eyes look gorgeous most of the times. Blue eyeliner, blue mascara can some times look cool.
So what do you guys think about blue eyeshadow in general?


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