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It is up to you to decide whether it is true or false.I have also added a video.Bloody Mary was Mary Tudor, Queen of England, and daughter of King Henry the 8th and Catherine of Aragon. All her life, she was a mean brat to her little sister, Elizabeth and her brother Edward VI. She did not like them at all and was very jealous. When Edward VI died, she became Queen Mary of England. She was hated all over for changing the religion in England from Protestant to Roman Catholic. She mass-murdered over 100 Protestant leaders, earning her name as "Bloody Mary".

And yes, I have seen Bloody Mary. My friends and I decided to try it out. This is what we did:

1) We went into the bathroom.

2) Turned out the lights.

3) Ran the water.

4) Spun around 3 times saying "Bloody Mary."

5) Closed our eyes and held hands until we heard anything. (not saying this way is right or wrong, we just did it like that.)

There was a low `thump` and we opened our eyes. There was a bloody dark-haired girl covered in blood. But it was very very dark, so very hard to tell. All she did was look at us, like an image painted on the mirror. Then we got scared and turned on the light, and whatever it was, was gone.
This is the true story of Bloody Mary.

One day in October, we were staying in a hotel when my friend, Kendra was telling us that if you want to do Bloody Mary in a group, that you need to link arms, hold hands and chant "Bloody Mary" fifty times in a pitch-black room. A mirror was needed and our hotel room had a large one. When we did this, it took us several tries because everyone was freaking out. We all knew when we finally got it. We were trapped in a green fog and soon fell silent.

All of the sudden, my friends were with me, covered in blood. Then, they dropped dead. That sent me running down a long corridor that never seemed to end. After seeing huge pictures of the murder victims on the wall, I looked over my shoulder and saw a young girl in a long, black cloak. Her head was floating six inches from the cloak and she had long, white hair, dripping with blood. Her face was white with red, bloodshot eyes. She was chanting "Bloody Mary." I was trying to scream but I couldn`t because the green fog was choking me. I saw that she had a long, rusty knife, dripping with blood. She was about to stab me!

I tried again to scream. When I looked forward, I noticed a large door at the end of the corridor, so I went faster. This made the figure angry and she multiplied, and all of them came at me with knives. Then, everything went completely dark... All of the sudden, the lights came on and I was being shaken by my friends. They said that I had turned purple, then white, causing them to panic. When they touched me, I fell over. They thought I was dead! I was completely exhausted and fell asleep. The next morning, I asked my friends if they had seen what I did. They said that they had phased out when they was the scary murder pictures. It was only a couple days ago and I still have a pale face...

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