Bloodwork Movie Review - Is This What Happens to Missing Persons?

5 years ago

From time to time you see on the news that people go missing. What if they aren`t really missing and they are held captive for drug trials and killed if the trials don`t turn out so well? Well in the movie "Bloodwork" some college students sign up for a paid pharmaceutical trial for an "allergy drug," which turns out to be a drug that they`re testing that enables the participants to heal themselves from wounds at an extremely fast rate. The doctor tests the subjects by cutting them with a scalpel and timing how long it takes for them to heal and at one point she slices one of the guy`s in the jugular vein and he comes back to life. The unfortunate part is that if one were to get shot that the wound would heal over and you would not be able to extract the bullet. The participants lose their standards in hygiene and are indiscriminate of what they eat. They basically become animal like and get out of control killing/eating the people watching over the trial. Due to these adverse side affects the drug trial is terminated and the test facility is bombed. This wasn`t the best of movies but it was an interesting movie to watch on an evening with no good television shows. I would only give it about a 5 out of 10 though.

Where do you think missing people end up?
Do you think this could well be a possibility of where some missing people end up in drug trials against their will?
Have you watched this movie before?

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