Blood Oranges!

5 years ago

I had a blood orange for breakfast this morning, and it was really yummy! For those of you who don`t know what blood oranges are, they are a variety of sweet orange with red flesh, and sometimes a reddish peel. Its red colouring is due to a pigment which is an antioxidant. They also have other vitamins in them, including Vitamin C, of course. So, these oranges are really healthy!

When eating regular navel oranges, I often mix them with yogurt, or put them in a smoothie. Blood oranges, however, taste good enough for me to eat them on their own! They are tangy, but sweet, and have a really unique smell and flavour. They taste rich, although they are pretty much fat-free. They are pretty much available from November to May (if grown in the U.S.), so I am having my fill of them now, while they`re still good, as they probably won`t be around in the summer time.

I`m also thinking of what sorts of baked goods I can make with these little oranges. I have seen recipes for blood orange curd, and I think it`d be awesome in a pie! =)

<strong>Have you ever tried blood oranges? Do you like them?</strong>

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