Blood Oranges?!

4 years ago

Say hello to my current OBSESSION! BLOOD ORANGES you say? What in the world? Yeah I know right? A lot of people I mention it to have never heard of it. A friend of mine had one before, and he thought it was an "infected" fruit so he threw it away after freaking out before I could explain to him what it was!

Back in high school my econ teacher always ate blood oranges before the start of class or even during and he always talked so highly of them, but I had NEVER come across any ever since. It`s literally been 4 years and I`ve finally got my hands on them! I guess I could have put more effort into researching where to get them but moral of the story is I found them and it was an amazing discovery! I found a lovely family owned farmers market near campus and bought a ton of blood oranges that go for .79 a pound!

I think I would rather eat blood oranges over regular oranges any day. It`s literally my new found obsession and I`ve probably eaten half the bag of what I bought and I`m for sure probably going to have to replenish next week. This is lame but I totally envisioned myself on campus always going back to the market and carrying a huge bag of blood oranges for snacks throughout my day tehe. They have a sweeter taste but it`s that perfect sweetness in my opinion and they`re super JUICY. I`m terrible at describing things sometimes so you`re just going to have to take my word and try it especially if you`re a citrus lover!

So why are these oranges so "bloody?" Apparently if these oranges are exposed to cold temperatures during its growth which contributes to the amount of anthocyanin pigmentation in each fruit which causes the deep coloration. It`s also said to be a mutation of the sweet orange. They obviously contain Vitamin C and Fiber and what sets these bad boys aside from regular oranges is that the anthocyanins contribute plentiful antioxidants that are beneficial for the body! The owner was so shocked that I`ve never had a blood orange before and was so happy to tell me how great they are!

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Have you had a blood orange before? How do you like it? Do you plan on trying these?!

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