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2 years ago

Three years later, I return to this magnificent blogging world that isn`t well-appreciated. With websites like Tumblr and blogspot... Luuux is sadly under the radar but I`m glad it is still alive. This community is great.. It`s different, it`s inspired, it`s captivating and you can tell everyone has some story they really wanna share with the world..

Let`s fast forward. Cut to the chase. Jump into it!
I have always loved writing. Unfortunately, I haven`t been doing it enough. (That`s a lie.. I interned for a magazine company and am still kinda working with them). Well, I am in uni now.. we don`t get much or any free-style writing. I am a law student, I loveeeee my major but I hate to see my poor little blogging fantasy disappear just yet.

Soo..... I tracked the email I used for this website, I retrieved my password and now I`m... back?
Even if no one ends up reading this, I`ll still be very glad to put myself out there again and really.. to just get into it again. I know I really enjoyed blogging when I did and I just want to get to know people around here. I`ll go on a little follow spree, reading spree and ooh`s and aaah`s to all your guys`s posts.

I`m letting this post be free, no editing and rereading for any rambles and spelling mistakes. It`s genuine, it`s random, it`s simply a first attempt to blog again.

Hope this post finds you well, if it does.... xx

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