Blogger Outreach Strategy - How to do it Right ?

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Bloggers are the new source of inexpensive advertisement! Almost all organizations have adapted to the internet, their promotions and advertisement schemes are directly related within a website. In todays society, technology is key to success. Bloggers are one of the technology keys that help businesses prosper with their brand recognition. When you think about investing in an expensive product or service, you usually ask your friends or family if they have had any experience with it. According to what you hear, you go about your purchase. Bloggers play the role of the same assurance.

People trust what bloggers have to saythey follow the blogger

By providing personal experience, customers are able to trust and decide on how they spend their money. Organizations have started to understand the importance of bloggers opinions; therefore they have adapted to bloggers outreach strategies.

Implement the strategy
Contacting a blogger might seem intimidating; they have the power to influence potential customers or clients. So, reaching out the blogger in a professional manner is very important.

Your first steps should include thorough research. Get to know the blogger you want to reach out too. Have a sense of their writing style; ask yourself how they will be beneficial as your products influencer.

After this contact the blogger directly. Make them feel as if their opinion is important, bloggers love to be complimented! Do not make the mistake of sending a mass e-mail to all the bloggers you want to reach out to. Personalize your e-mails to each blogger, so they understand that you took the time to react to their content. Only this will encourage them to take the time to reply to yours.

Bloggers are regular people, offering them incentives and perks will help you build a stronger relationship.
Bloggers have become a fundamental part of promotion in the marketing strategy; consumers have put in all their trusts in the personal experiences bloggers have with products. Organizations should spend time on implementing blogger outreach strategies for their future growth.


Build a Relationship
Before you can begin the relationship process you need to do your research! Buckle down and get to know everything that interests your blogger. What kind of content do they usually post? Where do they usually leave comments? What are their interests? Comment on their posts to get into contact with them and know your future marketer. If youre having a hard time indirectly getting to know your blogger, go for the risk and contact them directly, you have nothing to lose!

Reach out and form a relationship!
After the blogger has noticed you this is when you can reach out to them. The hard part is done and over with, now you can easily go for the kill!

Facebook & Twitter
Facebook and Twitter can help you conduct research on your potential personal bloggers. This is where you can get in touch with them. It is best to get noticed, comment or retweet what they have to say. Like and share their page on Facebook. They will more likely notice you if you show an interest in them.
Facebook and Twitter can also be used to obtain the bloggers email address. Having their e-mail address increases the chances of contacting your blogger directly. A personal message by e-mail hold far more value than a tweet on a Twitter page.

Lastly, make sure your Facebook and Twitter page are visually appealing. Although this might not seem like something you would want to spend a lot of time on, make sure you do! A blogger AND consumers are more likely to visit your page if it shouts out look at me. Expand your horizons and implement these blogger outreach strategies.

Follow up with your bloggers
You might find yourself in a rut. After you tried reaching out to your targeting blogger my Facebook and Twitter and E-mail you might want to just give up. DONT. There is a reason for everything, your emails might have been directed to their junk folder, or they might have a full inbox. Keep following up with your blogger every 3-4 weeks, 70% of bloggers usually always respond.

The content you post on your website, on other companies websites, guest pages and blogs should be easy to read quality content. Your content should also be composed of information that is useful for the reader; many individuals make the mistake of adding too much unnecessary information to their page. Although your website page might seem a lot more informative, it may not achieve the same success. Writing short eye catching content that flows well to your targeted audience should be your objective.
Free yourself from boring informative writing, produce content that is entertaining and simple to read for everyone.
Writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down
-Robert Frost

Let your writing speak for itself, your subheadings or title should drive thru the reader to the direction you want them too.

Bloggers are a must in todays market continue your path to success and prosperity adapting to the bloggers outreach strategy.

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