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I posted this blog entry last January and it has brought a lot of readers to my website. Mostly I receive emails from people who are searching for the right eye creams for their eye area issues. When I first started using eye creams, I was looking for a caffeinated product to help minimize the puffiness I was getting every morning - of course overworking myself was most likely the cause, but that wasn`t going to change.

I had gone around to makeup counters asking for little samples of their eye creams in search of one that worked for me. This was actually my first introduction to MAC`s skincare products - which I never had an interest in before because they`re more of a makeup brand name to me rather than a skincare brand name. I received a tiny pot of their Fast Response Eye Cream ( I was hooked after a week of using it.

A lot of readers ask how to find the cream that works for them. I always suggest they diagnose what exactly they are trying to fix and look into what ingredients will help them achieve the results they desire. Unfortunately some cases are hereditary and topical treatments won`t resolve their issues... but, that doesn`t mean you can`t pamper your eye areas to make them feel and look happier!

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