Blistex Lip Infusion in Cherry Splash: Review

5 years ago

I have had this Blistex lip balm for a reaaallly long time. It`s basically a liquid balm that you apply to your lips with a built-in rollerball applicator. I have the Cherry Splash variety, though "Moisture Splash" and "Soothing Splash" are both available, as well.

First things first...I do NOT like this lip balm. It claims to not have a "waxy feel", which is true - it doesn`t feel waxy, but it does feel like a thin, greasy oil slick on my lips. Yuck. The product also claims to provide "deep hydration" and to have a "penetrating formula". I don`t think either of these claims is true. This stuff is simply not moisturizing at all, and does not penetrate dry skin. If anything, it might actually chap my lips slightly.

That being said, I do like a couple of things about this lip balm. The cherry scent is super yummy, and it has a slight cherry flavour as well. It doesn`t taste like sunscreen at all, even though it has an SPF of 15. I hate the taste of sunscreen in lip products, but prefer to have sun protection, so this is a plus for me. Finally, the rollerball feels really cool and soothing when you apply the balm to your lips. It`s just too bad they couldn`t make a lip balm that works, because I really like the applicator/packaging of the product.

This product does have a bit of a glossy finish, but the formula is really thin and it wears of super quickly. I think it would be fine for a little kid who wants to play around with lip gloss, but that`s about it. There`s no real benefit to using this product, either as a gloss or balm.

I would definitely not repurchase this product, though I do really like the cherry scent and the rollerball applicator. It doesn`t perform well at all and is generally just a waste of money. Original Blistex works a million times better!

<strong>Have you ever tried Blistex Lip Infusions? If not, what`s your favourite lip balm flavour?</strong>

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