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5 years ago

So I had my son in October and I`ve been working my butt off to fit into my pre pregnancy jeans. In addition to diet and exercise, I`ve been using some bliss products to see if they really do what the company claims. I bought the "love handler" and "fatgirlsleep" as well as the "slimulator" which is basically this massager with a handle that you rub over your problem areas.

How I`ve been using the products is in the morning I use the love handler and rub it in with the slimulator and at night I use the fatgirlsleep with the slimulator before I go to be. I`ve been using them for a little over a month now and while they aren`t by any means "wonder is a bottle", I do notice a little less dimpling on my thighs and my skin getting a little tighter.

At first the massager was weird but once i got back into running and doing hard workouts I really liked using it because it sort of massaged out my aching muscles and made me feel better. Plus the lotions smell like peppermint and are very calming in my opinion.

I`m not ready to do a before and after picture, I have extremely bad stretch marks and I`m using Maderma, which I will do a review on in a few months, and I`m not at my goal yet.

I think most of the results I got was from the diet and exercise but I do believe these are helping with my cellulite (yikes!) areas... I don`t have many... but I do have a little and it bugs me!

If you are thinking about buying these products, I`d say go for it, but if you aren`t dedicated to a healthy diet and exercise routine then dont expect this to be the answer to your prayers.

Hopefully this helps!

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