Blink = Turn off Lights = Save Energy!

Whenever you blink, part of your brain temporary shuts down. According to http://Dvice.Com, the average adult blinks 10 times each minute and each blink lasts between 100 to 400 milliseconds. After doing all the math, you have your lights on for your computer/tv approximately 240 hours a year that shouldn`t be on cause you`re busy blinking!

Imagine how many people are living on earth x that by 240 hours a year. We`re killing our planet and designer Randy Sarafan (Randofo) designed a kit you can purchase and recreate to save energy. How`s the kit work? You have a sensor that you attach to your face so when your eye blinks- the light turns off and when your eyes are open; the lights turn back on..

What do you think about this concept?
Would you want to attach this sensor to your face?

Honestly, I think it`s dumb even though it`s for a good cause. In the video (link below), the guy seems more like forcing to blink rather than a "normal blink". Wouldn`t you waste more electricity turning on/off your light rather than leaving it on?

Everyone can save energy by turning off the light if they`re not in the room, energy efficient lights and so forth. Plus this invention isn`t ideal if you`re in a room with another person too.

<em>Want the kit?</em>

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