Blink to Unlock your Phone!

Samsung had a feature where you can unlock your phone with your face but that isn`t a very smart idea. Why? You can easily use a photo of the phone`s user to unlock the photo. This would be only geared to those who would steal a phone that they know or maybe they`re nosy about their spouse, kids or something. But, now Samsung has released another feature to unlock a phone and it`s by "blinking". In order to unlock your phone, you will have to blink so the phone knows you`re human. Yes, this is better than the photo but someone can somehow video record you blink and unlock your phone. Not like someone would have an up-close video but they could perhaps.

Either way, I don`t like these unlocking methods. I prefer the numeric pass code lock. If phone companies are finding another way, maybe incorporate letters or symbols to unlock a phone instead of video/photo because those can be replicated.

What do you think if phones replaced pass code unlock to blink detection or photo detection, would you like that idea?
Do you have a pass code lock for your phone? If not, I would recommend investing in one that way if your phone is lost, it would take the person longer to try to crack your pass code and perhaps they will even return your phone to you too.

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