Blind Tennis!

<em>I used to play tennis for a year back in high school and it was extremely hard. I had a hard time learning the sport and playing the sport but imagine playing when you`re blind that is beyond harder. I cannot even imagine how hard it is to learn to play tennis without seeing the ball, you have to solely rely on hearing.</em>

<strong>Blind Tennis</strong> actually does exist and it`s a sport for the blind created by Miyoshi Takei. The only difference is the ball isn`t a tennis ball but a lightweight ball that rattles so you can hear it. The ball may bounce two or three times (depending on how impaired they are instead of the usual one bounce in tennis). The first national blind tennis championships were back in 1990. He`s been in all championships for 21 years however he passed away last month (due to falling in front of an oncoming train) but his friends are passing on the legacy.

This is very touching and I`m happy to have come across this article. The man who created this sport and for all those who have played, I give them major props! Who said they can`t play sports too? They are just as great and normal as each one of us! =) I hope he reaches his goal that blind tennis will be added to the Paralympic Games even though he`s no longer here.

If we wanted to imagine playing tennis blind, we can just wear a blind fold and try it out. I bet I wouldn`t get a swing right even if I had a rattling ball. Major props to those who can play blind tennis!

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