Blessing or a Curse?

4 years ago

Last night a friend`s husband went missing. He`s okay. More on that later. But my friend was frantically searching for him. He was suppose to pick her up last night but didn`t.

This morning I used the Internet to search for his colleague as the she heard from him was that he was headed to a work event.

The Internet is a both a blessing and a curse for sure. Few weeks ago you may have seen my name changed on Luuux was due to my hotmail and Luuux getting hacked. =(. Hotmail has NO customer support number and took me almost a full day to recover. They suck!

Back to my friend`s situation. I used the Internet to find his work associates name on the company`s website that he worked for. I then used LinkedIn to get their pictures and then search for them on Facebook and the White Pages. I was able to reach out to some but didn`t hear back from them. But thankfully he was found. He had passed out on the street and woke up in a hospital.

Talk the talk
1) have you ever been hacked?
2) how has the Internet helped you in the past?

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