Blessed voice

Another magical and amazing performance by this blessed voice :)

I really love James Morrison, I love to hear his music all the time, and hes one of my favorite singers. One of the greatest musicians nowadays.

I think he really sings with heart and soul, his voice is so powerful and unique. Its such a pleasure to listen to his music and see his performances, for me hes an excellent example that real music is still alive :)

I recently made two posts here on Luuux with two amazing covers by him: Lithium by Nirvana and Love is a Losing game by Amy Winehouse.

You can check it out in the links below, it worth to listening them:

This time, I choose one of my favorite tracks from his last album The Awakening it calls I won`t let you go its an acoustic version live that James perform for Radio MonteCarlo 2011.

I hope you like it :)

Enjoy and sing:

When it`s black,
Take a little time to hold yourself
Take a little time to feel around
Before it`s gone

You won`t let go,
But you still keep on falling down
Remember how you saved me now
From all of my wrongs, yeah

And if there`s love, just feel it
And if there`s life, we`ll see it
This is no time to be alone, alone,
Yeah, I won`t let you go, uh ()

Video from you tube, see it in link below.

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