Blendtec = AMAZING!

5 years ago

When I first heard about a $400 Blender "Blendtec" I was like pshhh what a rip off! But after doing research on it, watching demo videos, watching it in action at costco, AND finding it at a discounted price at costco -- my bf and I bought one.

This blender is well worth what you pay for it!
We bought ours for ~$350 during the road show Blendtec was holding at our local costco. It retails for >$400.

Why it`s amazing & unique:
* extremely powerful! so makes smoothies SUPER smooth
* user friendly
* can make SO many things: smoothie, juices, ICE CREAM, milk shakes, mixed drinks, banana bread mix/dough, SOUP.
Yes it can make soup! I tried it. You just put in a bunch of ingredients (carrots, tomatoes, cheese, water, etc) and blend it up and it blends SO fast that it heats it up -- and your soup is ready to drink RIGHT out of the blender. This was amazing to me.
How can the same blender that can make hot soup ... also make ice cream? And so many other things.

If you are not convinced, I encourage you to check out some of the demo vids on YT.

You`d think I`m a sales person for this item, but I"m not. Just a user who has fallen in love with it.

I love making smoothies (see my previous posts) and this is one of the best things I purchased this year. I used to use a kitchen aid blender and it left chunks -- bleh.

There are so many more benefits to this blender but I just mentioned the main ones that are important to me.

Does anyone else have this? Do you love it as much as I do?

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