Blandito - Human Burrito Action

5 years ago

People make the strangest things. This item is called the Blandito. Blandito`s design is inspired by the idea of sofa morphology, its not a bed, chair, sofa or pillow, it`s something else. You can pack people in it like a human burrito as shown from the pictures. It can be wrapped, twisted, folded and turned however you want. It has a flexible frame and you can hug it so it will attain your body shape. Personally I`d never get one of these. I wouldn`t want to sleep or lay in one. Just think of how hot it is to spoon or cuddle in bed with your partner. This would maximize that uncomfortable body heat between the two of you by quite a lot I`d imagine and you can`t move away which is the worst part lol. I sure hope those two people in picture 1 are actually a couple that`s some close spoon action lol. But I think it`d be fun for children, but may be not so much for adults.

Do you want to get in and be a human burrito with someone?
When you spoon cuddle, are you the big spoon or little spoon?

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