Blackberry 10 unveiled

4 years ago

RIM (Research in Motion) is the company behind Blackberry. Do you remember when Blackberries where the latest fashion? Even Obama had one. Suddenly and out of nowhere, they disappeared and touch smartphones belonging to Apple and Samsung (mostly) started controlling the market like never seen.

RIM is now trying to correct this situation by launching Blackberry 10, a phone/tablet OS that they believe can be better than iOS 6 and Android Jelly Bean (the top OS for Apple and Google respectively).
The new OS has a renewed touch technology, an application that gathers all social activity in a simple screen, and a most intriguing Time Shift app for Blackberry 10 phones.
The OS will be available on the first quarter of 2013.

As I see it, Blackberry is being bold and trying to take users that are loyal to Samsung and Apple with some brand new features.

Would you buy a blackberry now that they`re going to be touch?

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