BLACK Water?

4 years ago

Yes, you are seeing this correctly...this is a bottle of black water! I got it as a free sample from a grocery store. Normally, I would not be drawn to black water...the clear stuff works perfectly fine for me! But apparently, this water has special health benefits.

It`s called blk., and it`s "alkaline fulvic trace mineral infused water". Quite a mouthful! This product claims to "transport nutrients directly to your cells". That`s a bit of a lofty claim, in my opinion. It contains electrolytes, which sounds like a good idea if you are athletic. It`s a lot better than other sports drinks in that regard, as it is basically just water with fulvic acid in it (so there are no sugars/carbs/calories, etc.).

Aside from the alleged health benefits, how does it taste? It tastes like water with a slight earthy tang to it. It`s barely perceptible but I know that some people would definitely not like it. Once I finished the drink, I noticed that it was more of a dark brown colour than a full-on black colour. It`s just that when it is in the bottle, it looks really black! It is a bit of a weird feeling, drinking "black" water. But I drink black coffee, so once you start thinking about it in that way, it`s not weird, lol.

I don`t see myself buying this unless I will be going on a day-long hike, marathon, or doing something else really athletic. I doubt that this drink has magical nutrient-transporting powers, but if it contains electrolytes, it`s a much better option than Gatorade or Powerade for when I want to be athletic!

Oh, and it`s great for weirding out your friends, too. :P

<strong>Have you ever heard of black water before? Would you ever try it?</strong>

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