Black rhinos are extinct ???

4 years ago

it is told that the black rhinos are becoming extinct and are in danger There are a numerous amount of Rhinos throughout the continent of Africa, which included five species and eleven sub species of rhinos. The Black Rhino is one of the species of rhinos along with its close cousin the White Rhino. The word "rhino" or "rhinoceros" comes from a pair of Greek and Latin words which mean "two" and "horn" referring to the rhinos two front horns. The Black Rhino comes from the Animalia kingdom, the Chordata phylum, the Mammalia class, the Perissodactyla order, the Rhinocerotidae family, the Diceros genus, and finally the Diceros bicornis species. This great animal originated from an ancient dead species of rhino from thousands of years ago named the Baluchitherium grangeri. This extinct species of rhino lived in what is today Mongolia that was 18 feet tall, 27 feet long, and weighed over 25 tons, which is over four times as much as an African bull elephant today (Sloan 2006, 2).

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