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3 years ago

Torrid Black Friday Haul
So just like a lot of people, I did my fair share of Black Friday shopping. However, I wasn`t brave enough to face the crowds at the stores, so instead I did my shopping online. I mostly ordered from US companies that were having their big sales, since there have been a few items I have been eying lately!

I already posted my haul from Lane Bryant, (you can see that here: ).
Next I wanted to share my haul from Torrid. I am a huge fan of Torrid since they carry clothes and shoes in my size. I started off ordering shoes from them years ago ( I wear a size 12 so cute shoes are hard to find) but I have ordered some clothing from them as well over the years, especially since they started carrying `Tall` sizes.

I have been eyeing a pair of ankle boots from them for the longest time, but just my luck, they were sold out of size 12 by the time I went to order them on Black Friday. However, they had just introduced these blue studded wedge shoes and as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have them!

Next I took a look at some of the tops they had. I noticed a black embroidered empire waist top that looked like it would be super flattering and I couldn`t resist. I also saw a Tunic top with a studded neckline. It`s simple, but I love when shirts have a studded neckline since you can skip on jewellery! Lol. I also liked that it`s long, so of Torrid`s tops can be a little too short for my 6 foot frame, but this would definitely be long enough!

Since they carry Tall sizes at Torrid, I also picked up a pair of Jeans. A girl can never have too many pairs of jeans, and I happen to like Torrid jeans quite a bit. They do have the tendency to wear out though which is a shame considering how pricey they can be. So why not pick them up when they are half price instead?

I also look a look at some dresses. I have been looking for a simple long sleeve dress for some upcoming holiday parties and I spotted this black and white Jersey one with an added belt. I love wrap dresses since they can be super flattering and this one looked like it would work for what I had in mind.

Next, I decided to check out the lingerie section. Torrid sometimes carries larger cup sizes and though I had already ordered a bunch from Lane Bryant I decided to take a look. They didn`t have too many bras in my size, but I noticed this zip corset. I love corsets since they pull you in and exaggerate your shape. I have a few dresses that have really deep cuts but I wear they with my corsets for coverage up top and to enhance my shape. I loved the red colour and black lace trim since it would go really well with one outfit I have in mind. I haven`t bought a new corset in a while, so I thought I would :)

Lastly, I took a look at some discounted jewelery. They didn`t have too many things I would wear, but I spotted this diamond shaped ring that I really like. With the Black Friday discount it was only a few dollars, so I thought I would get it.

I was upset that I couldn`t get my ankle boots, the one item I really wanted, but on the plus side, I received a coupon with my order for 75 bucks off my next order of 150 or more. So if those shoes come back in my size, I will make sure to order them ASAP!

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