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Spots on the face
The doctor emphasizes the importance of using sunscreen to prevent stains on her face. "The tendency of brown skin and black spot is more than the others. These spots are very dark and difficult to remove. The solution is to use sunscreen daily. A product with SPF 15 is enough. "
If you have moles on my face, nothing to buy from the pharmacy shelf products such as acids or bleaching, to try to get rid of them. "In that sense, the black skin is very similar to the East, the bleaching should be tailor-made stains or problem could worsen," he said Christiane.
You should be careful when making any operations or procedures that leave scars because the skin brown and black are more likely to form keloids. "If you need to have surgery, first see a dermatologist to learn how to avoid the problem," said Chistiane.
Any hair removal method can be used, but you have to see if it causes some kind of irritation. "If after shave points you notice bright red or if the imbed often switch methods is good. These parts often become angry black spots that are very difficult to take, "said the doctor.
Do you want permanent hair removal laser? Make sure that the type of beam is suitable for brown and black fur. "There are specific lasers for this skin type, do not give them"
"No need to use a moisturizer specific to black fur, but the woman always have to use the product, said Christiane. The "hot spots" are elbows, knees and feet, but are often whitish when dry.
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