Black Ankle Wedge Boots(:

5 years ago

So I been wanting these Black Ankle wedge boots for a while now but i never knew why i didn`t get it was only cost $30 but maybe it was because i don`t have anymore room for shoes ;/ sucks to have a small room and also share it with babe. But anyways these are originally $30 bucks w/o tax at Target and i just love the style of it that it has lace and also like a fold to it and is WEDGE BOOTS!!! Uggh Because they are the most comfortable shoe EVER! and you can still look cute and be comfortable in them. thats why i been so into wedge lately. But anyways now that winter is almost over and spring coming up alot of winter shoes,clothes,and etc been on sale and i went to target last night because i needed to get some winter stuff for tahoe this weekend and plus stuff is on sale so even better and i wanted to go get some rain boots as well but i didn`t see any that i like so i just kept looking around and seen the clearance section and of course i always love to look at the stuff thats on clearance and see whats good and I seen these was on clearance i was like WTFreezy! no way so i couldnt pass it up even thought it was only 10 bucks off it was a steal for me because i wanted this for a month or so now. So i was super duper happy i waited on this. Patience is key ladies (: haha so these were only $20.98 so it was kinda 9 bucks off but i also have the red cards so it takes off 5% which isn`t bad it just takes out the taxes for my items everything but its still a saving(:
What do you think about these boots?
Do you have these?
Let me know.


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