Birthday Presents from my Friends :)!

4 years ago

My friends are the sweetest! I really do adore everything that I received and appreciative of their gifts and efforts. My favorite present of all definitely would have to be the homemade cupcakes and thoughtful letters that they give! Moving on to the actual presents I was given a LUSH bath bomb! I really been wanting to try Lush products for the longest time now since they always seem to have such high reviews on their products and seem like the! I am not sure which bath bomb this is, but I really love all the glitter specks and the scent smells really amazing as well! I`m not sure when I will actually be able to use this since, but I definitely can`t wait to give this a go! The next item I got was a Bath and Body Works Candle in Island Colada. It seems like my friends really know what I want since bath bombs, and B&BW candles are items I`ve been wanting to try for the longest time now (ever I entered the amazing world of LUUUX & rave reviews :P ). The last item I got is a scarf from ZARA in a beautiful emerald green shade. I really do love scarves and the thought of being a winter child and receiving a winter product is really cute since I gave that one friend winter items as well :)! I was also give 2 bras which I will not be featuring since that item is a little too personal for me to want to post here, but I can assure you they are really cute and pretty haha. I also pictured the cake and cupcakes that I received as well. I accidently dropped the cake, but it still looks as pretty and edible. The cake had a cover on it luckily for the clumsy me :P I have nothing to say other than the fact that I am so happy with everything that I got and have such wonderful friends and family to spend my birthday with! :)

<Strong> What do you think of the birthday gifts I received? Do you see anything you would like for yourself? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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