Birthday Haul: Sephora

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

Over the weekend, I finally got a chance to stop by Sephora to pick up my beauty insider`s birthday gift. I was so excited but also in a rush that I only got to pick out the gift; I wanted to try some other things from Sephora but I`ll probably just stop by there again later or something.

So if you`re a beauty insider, you can go into a sephora store/counter and get a free gift anytime from two weeks before to two weeks after your birthday. This year, Sephora is giving two mini samples of Fresh Sugar lip duo--one in regular and one in the Rose tinted. I`m really surprised by the size of these because in every picture that I`ve seen, the owner made it seem like these were really big! I took a picture with these next to a regular chapstick to compare the size, and as you can see, they`re quite a bit shorter/smaller than the regular chapstick!

I haven`t really used them yet but from what I can see, I really like the packaging and the scent of it! The packaging is unlike anything I have; instead of pulling off the top like regular lipbalms, you have to screw the top off from the bottom. Also, these have a really pleasant citricy scent to them, which I love! From all the reviews I`ve seen of these, a lot of people have really enjoyed them! I definitely can`t wait to use them and maybe if I love them enough, I might just dish out $22 for a full size one of these.

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