Birthday Gifts: Nail Polish

4 years ago

Today is my 19th birthday, and a few days ago I had a small group of friends over for it. A few of them hooked me up with a bunch of new nail polishes, and I thought I`d show you guys which ones they got me!

From my best friend Elora, she got me two polishes and a mini set. She also got me some makeup and random things, but we`re just focusing on the polish for now. First off, she got me the O.P.I The Amazing Spider-Man mini set! I am in LOVE with Spider-Man (The older movies, the ones with Tobey Maguire, NOT the new one with Andrew Garfield, blech.), and O.P.I is my favorite nail polish brand, ever! Even though this set is for the new movie, I still love Spidey and enjoy that is face is plastered allover the box, and I really do like the colors! It comes with four from the collection; "Into the Night" (A shimmery navy blue), "Number One Nemesis" (A shimmery blue-ish silver), "Just Spotted the Lizard!" (A green/gold/blue duochrome), and "Your Web or Mine?" (A shimmery pinkish red). I do plan on doing a separate post on this set later to show you more in-depth photos and swatches, etc. She also got me O.P.I "Gold Shatter", which is exactly what it sounds like. Finally, she got me one of Forever 21`s Love & Beauty polishes in "Crystal/Multi". It`s a clear base with tons of light-colored (light purple, light blue, gold, pink, and orange) confetti/Flakies style glitter in it. I featured it recently in a Birthday NOTD :)

Then from my friend Audrey, she hooked me up with some Wet `n` Wild makeup, and also a TON of polishes! She got me three of Wet `n` Wild`s WildShine polishes; "Blue Moon" (A shimmery navy blue/teal duochrome), "Sparked" (A clear-base with tons of micro pink glitter), and "Hallucinate" (A cloudy/clear base with tons of micro holographic glitter). These are all so pretty! But I already own "Sparked" and "Hallucinate", so she gave me permission to re-gift them or something. If I ever hold a giveaway, these will most likely be in there! Next, she also got me one of the Wet `n` Wild MegaLast polishes in "I Need A Refresh-Mint", which is actually on my `to-buy` list, so this was exciting! She got me three Sally Hansen polishes next. The first is one of the Xtreme Wear Hard As Nails ones, in "Coral Reef" (A bright pinky coral) which is GORGEOUS. Then, a Sally Hansen Magnetic polish in "Graphite Gravity" (A magnetic effect gunmetal), which I have been wanting so bad! She was wearing the purple one of these at my party and I commented on how badly I wanted one, and after I said that, she had me open it last and I was SO excited, this is the same shade I`ve been wanting too! Finally, she got me the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hardener in "Clear". This will be useful as a base or top coat with my peel-y nails -_- Oh, and if you`re wondering why the packaging is messed up, she wraps everything with packing tape and layers of paper, and doesn`t let you use scissors to open them, bless her soul lol!

Then, my cousin and very good friend Heidi, she got me three Pure Ice polishes, and also some nail supplies. The three shades she got me were: "Cheatin" (A clear base with tons of micro blue and purple glitter), "Spitfire" (A clear base with micro pink and holographic glitter), and "Busted" (A shimmery light purple/blue duochrome). As for the supplies, she got me a bag of jumbo cotton balls, a SoftTouch brand nail file, a yellow nail buffer bar thing, and Equate Regular Acetone nail polish remover. She also got me some candies that I showed in a previous post :)

Overall I love everything and am really excited to try it out! I`m going to show ya`ll swatches of all of these later, so look out for them! xox

*Photos are MINE.

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