Birthday Gifts: MISC. (Food, Candy, Cards, Spider-Man!)

4 years ago

Today is my 19th birthday, but a few days ago, I had some friends over for a little get together/party thing. I wanted to show you guys what they got me! Basically all I like is makeup and nail polish, so that like 95% of what they got me LOL. However, I did get a few other....things? Some of them were random food/candy, cards/drawings, etc. I will show you guys the makeup and nail polish they got me in a little bit, but so for now, enjoy the randoms!:

First off, I got this awesome 3D card from my best friend Elora! It has a furry white Persian cat on it with a pink bow and some cute presents. I am in love with Persian cats and would love to own one some day, so I loved this card! My friend Callie also colored me this picture of a "Silly Crab". Why? A few days before the party she asked what I wanted and I told her to "draw me something pretty". She gave me this and also wrapped up my ring that I left at her house a week ago and said that was my temporary git because my real one was in the mail lol! I hope she was kidding because she really doesn`t need to get me anything! The rest of my friends, I guess they don`t believe in cards hahahah.

Next, my best friend Elora also got me this awesome Spider-Man cup! It`s like holographic....3D? Something! It`s actually for "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie that just came out, even though I`m not into that movie, but I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the older Spider-Man movies (I`m looking at you, Tobey Maguire!) So I loved this! She also stuffed some makeup and nail polish in it that I will how you later. And yes, she wrapped everything in that adorable floral bag behind it, with Spider-Man wrapping paper of course! Spider-Man and florals, my favorites :)

Finally I got some food and candy. First off, my best guy friend, Logan, got me two boxes of what he calls "Facon". It`s basically vegetarian bacon. Why did he get me facon, you ask? Well. My best friend loves bacon (and I mean LOVES), so for part of her birthday present in March, he got her some. We all thought it was hilarious, so I suppose bacon just became a gift-giving tradition for him? Lol! Since I`m a a vegetarian, he went and found some I could eat safely. How thoughtful. Then, my cousin and very good friend, Heidi, gifted me with some delicious candies as part of her gift to me. She got me a bag of gummy bears, and also a box of Reese`s Pieces.

And there you have my random gifts! I promise the next two posts will be more appealing to my beauty lovers out there! xox

*Photos are MINE.

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