Birthday Gifts For My Mom - Some Jewlery From Ebay

4 years ago

Recently it was my moms birthday and as part of the a birthday gift i decided to order her some jewelry from ebay because i remember seeing some luuuxers got their jewelry there and its cheap, so just to add to the jacket i got for her i bought this necklace and the bracelet.

Both of these items i had seen here on luuux and that where i got the idea. She really liked both of them but i do find some problems in both pieces.
The necklace triangles easily turn around, i don`t know if its because it has to much beads or the type of string that holds them, i don`t know, but i notice they don`t stay in place for to long =/
The problem with the bracelet and sometimes it requires to be adjudged to remove and to put on at least in the beginning because i think my mom found a good adjustment and doesnt` adjust it more.

For the price i have to say they are not bad, especially the bracelet that has nice details and its well made. I will leave the links bellow if you want to order it also :


<strong>What do you think of the jewelry ?
Have you bought jewelry from ebay before?</strong>

(pictures are mine)

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