Birthday Gift Haul: Stuffed Bear, Black Suede Loafers, amp Godiva Truffle Lollipops!

4 years ago

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Remember to click the pictures for better quality (: Hey Everyone ^^ If you saw my /viz/casual-birthday-ootd-striped-distressed-sweater-jeggings-oxfords last week, you probably know that my birthday was last Saturday :D I got some really great things for my birthday this year, and just wanted to share a few of the gifts that were Luuux relevant :) Hope you enjoy! ________________________________________________________
From my Boyfriend :
Huge Stuffed Bear from GMarket: I thought it was so sweet of my boyfriend to get this for me, especially since he ordered one all the way from Korea! The bear came in a really big cardboard box; it was inside of a big pink bag that tied on the top like a gift bag ^^ So cute! It also came with a heart pillow that says Love on it :D The bear is so soft and adorable, I couldn`t contain my excitement! I know some might think a stuffed bear is a little childish, but I`ve always wanted a life-sized stuffed animal, so this is just the perfect gift for me!
From my Best Friend :
BP Mansion Flats: I love my best friend to death! The last time we went shopping together, I tried on the BP Butler Flats and absolutely loved them because they were super comfortable and had an adorable gold mustache on them! I ended up not buying them at the time because I didn`t want to spend more money, but she was so sweet to get them for me :) She ordered the Butlers for me, but when they came in at the store she thought they would be too big for me, so she exchanged them for a smaller sized Mansion Flat (because they didn`t have the Butlers in my size). The Mansions don`t have the mustache, but I think they`d be better for me so that I can wear them casually, but also with a formal outfit for interviews and what not :) Can`t go wrong with a pair of black suede loafers <3
Godiva Truffle Lollipops: I think this is what these are called, but I`m not sure~ Either way, these are so cute I almost don`t want to eat them! I`ll have to eat them soon though; I`m sure they`ll be delicious :D ________________________________________________________ That`s it for this birthday haul :D I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed opening them! Everything is just perfect, and I couldn`t ask for more! I`m so grateful to have wonderful friends, family, and a wonderful boyfriend <3 Again, I realize how blessed I am, and I can`t help but smile each day for the life I`ve been given!
Thanks so much for reading/viewing! Leave any questions or comments you have down below ^^ I`d love to hear what you have to say(write) and I always reply to your comments :D
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