Birthday Dinner at the Pickle Barrel

4 years ago

Birthday Dinner at the Pickle Barrel

Last Friday was my birthday so I have been celebrating with friends and family all weekend. On Saturday, my cousins decided to take me out for dinner at the Pickle Barrel. The Pickle Barrel is one of my favourite restaurants, and is someplace we go often with our families.

Once we got there, I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with tomatoes and avocados. Since I had been going out to eat a lot for my birthday, I skipped the fries and went with a salad instead. I ended up regretting that decision. While the sandwich was great, the salad was definitely lacking. The greens were wilted and had this bitter taste to them. Not arugula bitter, which is something I enjoy: no, these actually tasted gross, like they had gone bad or something! I ended up picking the cherry tomatoes and a few of the veggies off the top and leaving most of it on my plate.

I was about to complain and change my order, but at that moment, the staff brought out a complimentary slice of cake with a candle since my cousins told them it was my birthday, and I was too busy being embarrassed to remember about the salad.

I forgot to take a picture of the cake, but I love love love the Pickle Barrels desserts, and this was no exception.

So while they were having an off day with the salad, they more than made up for it with the amazing cake!

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