Bird`s Nest Restaurant

5 years ago

Did you ever want to dine peacefully in a tree? Sure you can eat on top of an active volcano or eat behind a waterfall, but eating in a tree is a completely new experience. You can experience that at <strong>Soneva Kiri Eco Resort in Thailand</strong>. You eat in tree pods, or "bird`s nests", 16 feet above the ground. The view looks incredible! Some pods are perched in sunlight, while others in the shade.

<strong>Wondering how you are served?</strong> Since the pods are meant to be high in the air, your server delivers your food by flying through the air using a zip-line. Imagine putting that down on your resume! Your server will just glide through the air using the cables and then land on a small platform attached to the side of your pod.

Seeing all these wonderful restaurants makes me want to travel the world. But I don`t currently have the time or money to do so. Maybe when I am a little older and settled down. Given how dreamy this resort is in Thailand, I sincerely hope it stays in business a long time! It must be somewhat difficult to hire employees. I don`t think most waiters/waitresses expect to zip-line on the job. Although that is pretty darn neat! I guess if you have to wait long in between courses or for a refill on your drink, you really shouldn`t fault your server.

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