Bioxet Hair Reducing Moisturizing Cream - Review

5 years ago

I heard about this cream that promised to permanently reduce hair from your body and I wanted to try it.
And now that i use it for over two years, I already have a well formed opinion about it.
I use it only in the legs, every day at night before going to bed. I notice that I have some areas on my legs where no longer grows hair, but it is almost nothing and there are other parts where they are a little bit weaker, but after two years I think there should be more results.
I do not like its smell.
The cream alows you to apply it lots of times and it costs about 32 , but I think it does not pay, the results are not very visible.
In relation to the face, I used it for about 2 years and is still the same bottle, never bought another, I usually apply it by the area of the upper lip and forehead, and with this one, i don`t even see any results: S
It makes my skin very oily and full of pimples, but this is my fault because I use the one for normal/dry skin instead of using the one for oily skin.
I will continue to use this product in the body but not on my face.
honestly, i do not recommend it. It may work in an area with less and thinner hair, but i don`t know.
These products can be found in pharmacies.
If you want more information about this product and how it works visit the site:

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