Biotera Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner Review

3 years ago

Hey everyone,
A while back I went into Sally`s looking for a new shampoo and conditioner. I usually like to try out new brands and new products, and never really stick to one specifically, so I consider most of the recommendations I get. So while in Sally`s, one of the girls recommended I try out the Biotera brand. I specifically picked out the volumizing shampoo and conditioner set and got the two for about 9 dollars each (These are one liter bottles). I have long hair, down to my hip bones, and it`s hard for me to get good volume with my heavy hair -- layers and all! The first thing I noticed about this shampoo and conditioner was the smell. It isn`t a terrible smell and I`ve read many reviews from people saying they love the scent. To me, however, the scent is very clean -- in a cleaning product kind of way. It reminds me of a freshly cleaned public bathroom. I didn`t want that smell in my hair all day. A couple weeks after using this shampoo and conditioner I noticed that my hair was very dry at the ends and always tangled. Having such long hair, I`m used to having to comb it often. While using this shampoo and conditioner, however, every time I brush my hair I shed like crazy! I also noticed that it weighed down my hair tremendously, and my roots were always greasy. I wanted to be sure that it was the shampoo and conditioner causing these issues instead of the weather or some other factor, so I stopped using it for a few weeks. Yep -- it was the shampoo and conditioner. I wasn`t expecting something super great because of the price of the set, but I did expect something better than greasy roots, broken ends, and hair loss. I tried to finish using this product, thinking if I used other products to help style my hair, it`d work out better. I just can`t do it. My poor hair needs something better :(
I might consider purchasing other Biotera products, but these specific products are a no-go for me.

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