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So as I mentioned in a post earlier this year , I had been going through a horrible phase of breakouts and oily hair which I still am struggling to threat . I realized that my skin needed a whole new care routine so I got a dermatologist to prescribe me Bioderma products ( not that you cannot get them without a prescription ) . Please be aware that I was on another treatment prior to start the Bioderma one but I believe that the previous treatment did little to improve the condition of my skin . I have been using the Bioderma products for over a month now and while not every product performed as I expected , they overall improved significantly the appearance of my skin . Bioderma is reasonably priced between 10-25 pounds and can be found in drugstores in the European Continent and on Ebay in the UK ( as Bioderma has not been brought there yet ) .

The Bioderma Sebium H20 is a light purifying cleanser that leaves the skin cleansed and refreshed . At first glance this looks like the co-sister of the Bioderma Sensibio H20 Crealine ( that everyone raves about on youtube ) but in reality it is quite different . The latter purifies the skin acting as a makeup remover while the former claims to purify the skin and keep the oil production at bay . I don`t think that it keeps my oils at bay as my oils break through after around 40 - 50 minutes which is a no - no .

Next product is the Bioderma Sebium pore refiner and this is a product that has a white gel like consistency and is meant to minimize the aspect of enlarged open pores . I apply it on my t-zone and around the sides of my nose and I can say that I have noticed that my pores have shrunk . The product also leaves the areas of skin mat after it had been applied which is a bonus .

The Bioderma Sebium Serum is surely the star product in the whole Sebium Range . It has been especially formulated to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and it is a clear serum .It has been indicated on its packaging that it should be applied once every two nights . I started applying it as indicated and I have noticed results the day aftermath . It is an excellent product which I recommend to all acne sufferers as it will gradually reduce the appearance of all acne scarring .

The Bioderma Node DS + shampoo is the product I have a love-hate relationship with . I partly love this shampoo because it gets rid of my dandruff after just one wash which is quite amazing but on the other hand after 3 washes I experience pain at my scalp and my roots which is not nice at all . The product basically exfoliates the scalp leaving it with no layer to produce dandruff and I also find that it dries the ends of my hair leaving them in a very bad condition which I obviously do not like . Every time I wash my hair with this product I make sure I always use a hair mask to soften and nourish my hair to prevent it from becoming dry.

The last product is the Bioderma Photoderm Max Spf 50 which is obviously a sunblock . It has a tint to it and I believe is available in two shades , light and medium . While I do like that this product stains my face a bit I find that i have to be careful not to apply too much as it will easily overwhelm my skin ,make it look quite greasy , clog pores and hence produce acne . It is definitely not the most comfortable sunblock out there but it does rank high due to its subtle tinting effects .

Overall I must say that I am pleased with all products but if you are an acne sufferer and you want fast results these are not the products for you . These products require a longer time to perform and I will talk about them in September and give a full review ( maybe in a video ) after I have been using them for 3 months .

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