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Hello girls,
As the title you already know what it is: I`m going to change my routine cosmetic products through Bio.

It is not an easy choice. Products containing silicones visibly give amazing results, your skin is smooth and silky to the touch, your hair shiny and healthy, leave them as products "cleaner" is not easy, especially for a person who has suffered from acne and skin rebellious.
I emphasized the word visibly because these effects in silicon only work on an aesthetic level but skin and hair damage by clogging the pores and leaving "breathing" hair. The satisfaction that it provides is only temporary and therefore not particularly realistic.

Thanks to the internet I had the opportunity to expand, albeit in a rather superficial my knowledge. I realized several things:

- Expensive is not synonymous with good quality;

-It is important to read the accident of a product before buying it;

- Is the key informarzione: now I no longer no purchase without first having read a few reviews about it, I assure you that it is useful to do so.

How do I start?
I started very gradually. Several months ago, after the summer, I decided to buy my first opting for Lily lolo mineral foundation (previously reviewed here) and using it daily during the week except weekends where instead I allowed myself a normal foundation.
The main difference I noticed when I struccavo: less redness, skin is clearer. The other difference, not least, is that despite the fact that there was the trick, the effect was that of a homogeneous skin very natural. From there I started to contemplate a more drastic change. There was a choice made from day to day, five months have passed already since I started using the mineral and the decision to switch to organic products, or "green" I have taken only a few weeks ago.
In another post I will talk about products for makeup and hair that I use deicso meantime I leave you some useful information for those wishing to know more about these organic products.

- Not all products with the word "EcoBio" I am truly, one must pay attention all`inci;
- A product with a good Inci must be free of oil derivatives such as: propylene glycol, Paraffinum Liquidum, petrolatum;
- Try to save some time, perhaps as elsewhere suggest you write a note in the principal ingredients to avoid in cosmetics;
- Among the most common silicones are: dimethicone, cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane. More generally, are those ending in-one or-ane;
- The results are not immediately obvious, perhaps you might initially avertire an apparent decline, we must learn to wait;
- Does not mean that a product with a good accident is a perfect product for everyone. Not everyone benefits from the products` green

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