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I went to the beach yesterday and after taking a leisurely stroll up and down the beach, my boyfriend and I found our way into the arcade. This is hands down one of my favorite games at the arcade at the beach! <strong>Bing-O-Reno</strong> is an fun version of Bingo mixed in with a bit of ski-ball although instead of rolling the ball up an incline, youre rolling a ball down an incline and trying to aim your ball into numbered slots. The game only costs 25 cents to play and the rules are listed on the top portion of each players game table. Each player also has three cards to play off of, making your chances of winning even greater. You arent getting money at this game, like a real game of Bingo, but you are getting 5 point tickets (the minimum tickets you can win is 15).

<strong>How do you win & what do you win?</strong> You have to sink your ball into the respective hole to obtain a Bingo (a line or four corner, X or + game):
- Four corners <em>15 pts</em>
- Line on one card <em> 30 pts </em>
- Line on two card s<em>45 pts </em>
- Line on three cards <em>300 pts </em>
- Two lines on one card <em>90 pts </em>
- Two lines on one card and a line on another <em>150 pts </em>
- Plus game <em>150 pts</em>
- X-game <em>150 pts</em>

The game itself takes a lot of skill and patience. If you just fling your balls down the incline, you may win by a chance of luck but thats not usually the case. After dropping your quarter into the machine, the balls in the holders fall through and escape into opening at your kiosk. After the balls drop, the machine itself will randomly select a few numbers to light up on your display. When those are lit up, they are free numbers, meaning you dont have to try to sink your ball into them. Sometimes, you end up sinking your ball into the respective slot without really aiming for it. Its just the nature of the game.

There are instances where the balls get stuck and you have to call one of the attendants over and hell retrieve the ball back for you. And there are instances where the ball sinks into a hole but the machine isnt registering it but you just call the attendant over and they bump the balls a few times with their long sticks and youre good to go.

I admit I love this game but I also hate it in a way. I hate it because after a losing streak, I get annoyed. Im a bit of a sore loser, but I keep pumping my quarters into the machine. I do have a ton of tickets for the arcade saved up because I dont want to leave with fistfuls of tootsie rolls. Im sure Ive spent more money than the value I have in tickets, but its all in fun and since I dont go to the beach all that often, its something I look forward to playing if I make it into the arcade.

Do you have a favorite game to play at the arcade?
Have you ever played Bing-O-Reno?

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