Bill Gates is asked to remove his picture from the Internet

Bill Gates, co-founder and honorary chairman of Microsoft, conducted an online meeting with the readers of the popular news aggregator Reddit format AMA (Ask Me Anything - questions on any topic). To the credit of the famous Gates, he coped with the influx of questions, including on sensitive issues. For the site Reddit Gates became the celebrity guests, who agreed to take part in answering questions from readers.

Anticipating the answers, Gates described the platform Windows 8 is a big step forward, and also admitted that he had personally tried all the products in the Apple. Gates said today his main working tool is a new tablet Surface Pro and 80-inch touchscreen candybar-based Windows 8 (same uses Steve Ballmer, the current head of the company). It is noteworthy that one-piece Gates used to meet readers Reddit.

A separate part of the speech concerned the technology WinFS, which was to become the main file system for Windows Vista. Gates referred to it as a development, ahead of his time, as WinFS is a powerful database for unified storage on the client machines and the cloud.

On the question of the relationship with Steve Jobs, the legendary leader of Apple, Gates said that he and Jobs "respect each other" and met regularly until the death of Steve. Was raised in the meeting and the famous movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley" 1999 - Gates said that the film portrayed his "pretty sure." It is noteworthy that the authors, in this movie, the head of Microsoft was presented in a negative light.

It is not surprising, but Gates praised the products Microsoft, including the plate Surface Pro, released a week ago. Gates could not even put a few kind words about the search service Bing, calling to compare it with others. On the question of preferences between Windows 7 and Windows 8 response was simple: "The more version, the better." The main potential of these breakthroughs in technical progress in improving Gates sees robots and speech interaction between man and machine.

Of course, Gates touched his charitable work, especially in the promotion of vaccination. For example, managed to completely eradicate polio through vaccination in line malaria and measles. Was also voiced the need for more research on vaccines for HIV and tuberculosis - in this direction is progress.

Gates also shared an amusing personal information. According to him, if there were no chips, he could find himself in medicine or theoretical mathematics. Bill Gates has said that he loves to play tennis and bridge, and also likes to visit with their children to places such as the "power plant, garage sales, the Large Hadron Collider" and Antarctica. In the words of one commentator: "Children should particularly like garage sales."

Among other things, Gates said that immortality is in the list of his wishes, despite the failure to achieve this in the past. In addition, Gates asked readers Reddit for help in removing one of his early pictures from the Internet (where it is without glasses is based on the old monochrome monitor with a dreamy look).

Based on site The Verge, Seattle Times and Washington Post.

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