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4 years ago

Hey guys!

I thought I would share with you guys something I`ve been doing for about a month. Personally speaking I love Bikram Yoga, it`s something that I try to do everyday and I`ve been doing it for about a month.

Bikram yoga is done in a room that is kept very hot anywhere from 95-105 degrees and 40% humidity. There are 26 positions and the sessions lasts 90 minutes long. Personally speaking I could get through all of the positions without having to sit down after the first week of going, but sometimes there are days when I need to sit down and take a break. Let me just give you guys a tip if it becomes to hot for you or you feel like you need a break sit down and rest for a pose or so until you feel better, the first day I powered on and threw up afterwards. So trust me when I say it is much better to sit down for a set then to end up throwing up afterwards...

I personally like Bikram because all the sweat helps clear my skin out I feel and also it really helps improve my strength and flexibility. Even if you can`t do the whole pose you get the full benefits.

Some cons of Bikram yoga would be the price, it can be rather pricey, but I find if you check groupon there can sometimes be deals. Also another con would be the instructor, I love my instructor, but the studio I go to does use other instructors sometimes and I feel that with some instructors I find myself not powering through the session as well as I do with my usual instructor. Also another con would be that I sometimes don`t feel worked out afterwards. I love doing cardio and I love the feeling I get after going for a long run, even though I have a feeling of accomplishment, etc. it`s just not the same feeling.

All in all I think bikram is totally worth the money, but I thought some of you guys might want to read a little bit more about it or even learn about it for the first time!

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