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5 years ago

If you are like me and have an insecurity, do not shy away from it; try and confront it. Okay so you may not be able to totally get rid of it because after all we are human but you may realize that actually, its not as bad as you thought it was.
The picture above is of me on holiday. One of my many insecurities is my belly. You will not be able to tell in this picture but i have a really ugly lower belly. it bulges out and the top half of my belly is flat. :( .. i was so anxious when my friends and i had planned the holiday because there was no way i was going to be wearing a bikini.
That was until i confronted my fears, searched for bikini`s that would compliment my bulgy lower abdomen and i found thiiiisss one. It was just what i needed, it covered the part i was insecure about whilst revealing some skin.
If i hadn`t confronted this insecurity, i wouldn`t have found this bikini and it wouldn`t have reassured me that i could have been able to work with what i have. Now i am much confident about my bulge because i know how to handle it in the future.

thanks for reading guys

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