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4 years ago

I love biking. I started biking when I was still 5 years old. I can still remember how I used to insist in buying the red bike from the shop and didn`t stop until I got it on my 5th birthday. I guess, I still have that until now. I own a city bike, most commontly known as a graziella type, with 20inch wheel size. I love it so much and I`m totally obsessed with it.
Now the question, does biking have health benefits? Yes, it does especially in getting yourself fit. If you try to search on the net, it can give you thousands of reasons why biking makes your body stronger and more fit. And I totally agree. Its says that 30minutes of biking everyday is enough for your everyday cardio workout. If you can`t resist walking, try having a bike and just stroll down the city. It can help yu tone down leg muscles, so you can redue cellulites (yes, summer time is coming so better get prepared). One interesting fact about biking is that it gives you a clearer mind and concentration. It is also a way to have a relaxed mind and thought. I can say that I can work better and do things faster when I got to work with a bike. I guess it warms your body up and the blood circulation goes well.
PS: Just remember not to rush. It is always a nice idea to enjoy biking and not cramming over to work. Give a time allowance so as not to rush too much. And, remember, you can go environment friendly with this. Enjoy!
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