Hey guys! I bought this "Biggest Loser The Workout Power Sculpt DVD" the longest time ago in Target with my mom! We are fans of the TV show and decided to give it a try and see what it was like. I honestly don`t remember the price because it was such a long time ago but i believe it was around $10, maybe a little less. Anyways, we never wound up using it. However, I found it the other day and decided to give it a go! The whole point of the DVD is that you work out like everyday 6 weeks straight with it, every exercise is a half hour total and by the end of the 6 weeks you are supposedly suppose to loose weight. And if you are familiar with the show, the three trainers, Jillian, Kim, and Bob are the ones telling you what to do, haha! So you start off the exercise with a warm up which is basically just getting your body ready for the activity`s and a bit of stretching so you don`t pull a muscle. You do the warm up for 5 minutes. Then you do 25 minutes of the actually exercise. Which unfortunately, I did not get to get the full experience of because almost all of the activities required weights which I do not have. After you finish that, you do a short finishing exercise which is basically stretching it out and conditioning for another 5 minutes. Then you are done for the day then do the same tomorrow. The activities get progressively harder as the weeks go by. Since I don`t have weights around my house, the DVD was basically useless for me. However, I think once I purchase them the exercises are actually going to work because they seemed pretty good to me! I actually think this has potential to work. But, make sure if you are planning to buy this DVD then you have to have weights or else the exercises will be useless. I would recommend this though because I definitely think it would burn calories, reduce fat, and build muscle after a while of using it!! Thank you for reading, what do you think of my purchase?

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