Big Yard And All!

3 years ago

Don`t you ever get bored and decide to just browse randomly online?
Yeah, I do that too but I do that with house browsing! For me I find this weird but fun and interesting. When I was in middle school my parents were house shopping and I never paid attention to what was going on until they asked what I liked. And now when I`m on yahoo I saw houses that are on sale or have nice designs or celebrity houses and I`m just like I want my future house like that.
And over the weekend my aunt was watching HGTV and I had a talk with my dad about my future residence area. And I`m still in, I wanna see what ever house looks like.

I have looked at houses in LA that are some amazing and nice and now I`m looking at Hawaii. I know it`s pricey in areas but on HGTV there are houses in surprising different price ranges and I wanted to see that. I found houses under millions with some bigger rooms and now I`m in just how do these houses look like!

I haven`t looked at the inside of the house but I love the outside!

Big yard
Excluded from neighbors


What does your dream house need?

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