Big Wheels Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches!

4 years ago

It was such a hot day yesterday and all I could do was think about ice cream. To be more specific I was thinking about ice cream cookie sandwiches...and to be even more specific I was craving those from Cream. If you have never heard of Cream, its an Ice Cream Cookie shop in Berkeley that sells all natural cookie sandwiches which you can order to your liking. They are the best ice cream sandwiches on the planet but Berkeley is about 40 miles away from where I live so I decided to check out Food Co (Kroger).

I didn`t think I was going to find anything that caught my attention except for the Skinny Cow sandwiches (which I do love but wanted something different) but then I found these called Big Wheels!

Big Wheels have been around since probably the 70s or 80s but they are still as popular as they were then. I can`t believe I had never tried them before. I think it has to do a lot with the packaging, it didn`t stand out to me and the cookie sandwiches in the pictures didn`t look like they would be any good. But boy was I wrong.

These cookie sandwiches are amazing! The cookies are nice and soft and not too overly sweet. My husband liked them so much he had two of them! They may not be as good as the ones from Cream but they sure did satisfy my sweet tooth.

They come in a box of 6 for $2.50. I ended buying two boxes one in Cookiewich and the other in Cookies n Cream. Both are really good but my favorite would have to be the Cookiewich.

$2.50 is a steal for 6 sandwiches! That makes them 41 cents each. Compared to one at over $2 at Cream (although that`s still an amazing deal).

Have you ever tried Big Wheels before?

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